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 Breaking it Down about Break It 


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5 Minutes $25 

This session is designed to be short and easy. It is more of a teaser than a pleaser.  This quickie session includes 6 small items and 4 medium items. You can bring a friend with you at no additional cost. 

Time: Short and Sweet

Difficulty Level: Smash Intern

10 Minutes $35

This session is the Goldilock of sessions, it's not too long and not too hard. Perfect for the undecided between 5 and 15 minutes. This intermediate session includes 5 small items, 4 medium items and 1 large item. You can bring a friend with you at no additional cost.

Time: Just Right

Difficulty Level: Smash Apprentice

15 Minutes $45

This session is the most popular of all the sessions. A nice trifecta of time, difficulty and items. This favorite session includes 4 small items, 3 medium items, 2 large items and 1 x-large item. You can bring a friend with you at no additional cost.

Time: Long Enough

Difficulty Level: Smash Pro

25 Minutes $200

An ultimate experience for serious destruction. This session allows you ample time to be creative in your breaking techniques and also access to larger and harder to find x-large items for example, dressers, dinner tables, desks, and cabinets. This high baller session includes 15 small items, 15 medium items, 3 large items and 2 x-large items. You can bring 1-3 friends with you at no additional cost (up to 4 people total).

Time: Challenging

Difficulty Level: Smash Master

45 Minutes $300

Don't let the price scare you, this is our second most popular session. A favorite for parties and corporate outings. This session rivals the 25 minute session with almost double the time and VIP treatment with full use of our entire facility. We keep the party going with 20 small items, 20 medium items, 5 large items and 4 x-large items. You can bring 1-5 friends with you at no additional cost (up to 6 people total).

Time:  You Might Tap Out

Difficulty Level: Smash Legend

Splatter Room

Break It's newest addition, the Splatter Room is available for all ages. The Splatter Room is an artistic alternative to breaking things. Feel free to still make a mess throwing, squirting, spraying, flinging, and smearing paint all over the place. Amidst all the artistic chaos you have the choice of splatter painting a canvas or t-shirt. 

15 Minutes $22.50 (canvas) ($3+shirt)

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