Breakable Items

Small Items may include but are not limited to...drinking glass, mug, small dinnerware, shot glass, glass bottle, tile, vase, ashtray, mirror, picture frame, cell phone, stapler, vhs tape, cassette tape, knick knacks, camera, clock, computer mouse, remote control, toys.

Medium Items may include but are not limited to...slightly larger drinking glass, slightly larger mug, beer mug, medium-sized dinnerware, slightly larger glass bottle, slightly larger vase, slightly larger mirror, slightly larger picture frame, slightly larger clock, tablet, keyboard, coffee maker, toaster, trophy, scale, piggy bank, hair dryer, toys.

Large Items may include but are not limited to...lamp, fan, printer, computer monitor, laptop, stereo, radio, vacuum, video game console, dvd player, vhs player, toys.

Extra-Large and Specialty Items may include but are not limited to (specialty items additional cost onsite)...industrial printers, large screen TV, glass table, furniture, window, clowns, porcelain dolls, garden gnomes, holiday related items i.e. Santa, Easter egg, pumpkin, etc.


We recycle our breakable items!  



We gladly accept donations, feel free to stop by and drop off your donations in our shop or if we're not open you can drop them off on our benches.  Although we are grateful to receive donations, we ask that items be clean and fit the descriptions given under "Breakable Items."  Join our Rewards Program--donations are rewarded with points towards free sessions. A box or bag of small/medium sized breakables is worth 1 point, and a large/x-large sized breakable is worth 2 points. Each point is valued like a $1, so if you earn 25 points you get a $25 session for FREE! 

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We love to show appreciation!  During check-in mention if any ONE of the following pertains to you and you get an extra breakable item (small) for FREE!

  • First Responder

  • Teacher

  • Active or Retired Military

  • Wearing Break It merchandise

  • Follow us on social media

  • Birthday

*only valid with a purchased package.​