Available Legacy Sponsorships

  • Back of Break It Uniforms $100 (30 available_0 sponsored)---Name on back of one Break It uniform

Back Uniform.JPG
  • Bricks on Break It Walls $50 (59 available_1 sponsored)---Name on one brick in Break It session rooms, optional for you to decorate the brick.

Break It Wall.JPG
  • Seats in Break It Lobby  $200 (4 available_0 sponsored)---Name on one seat in Break It Lobby

Lobby Seats.JPG
  • Benches in front of Break It Store  $400 (2 available_0 sponsored)---Name engraved on one bench in front of  Break It store

  • Bats in Break It Session Rooms  $100 (6 available_0 sponsored)---Name on metal bats in Break It session rooms

  • Leather Gloves Gear  $50 (15 available_0 sponsored)---Name on one pair of gloves

Leather Gloves.JPG
  • Shin Guards  $50 (15 available_0 sponsored)---Name on one pair of shin guards

Shin Guards.JPG
  • Knee Pads  $50 (15 available_0 sponsored)---Name on one pair of knee pads

Knee Pads.JPG
  • Face Shield Gear  $50 (15 available_0 sponsored)---Name on one face shield

Face Shields.JPG
  • Helmet Gear $100 (15 available_0 sponsored)---Name on back of one helmet

  • Mason Jar Take-homes $500 (1 available_0 sponsored)---Name on lid of mason jars patrons take home as a free souvenir

  • Lockers in Break It Lobby $100 (22 available_0 sponsored)---Name on locker in Break It Lobby, option for you to decorate the locker


If you are interested in a Legacy Sponsorship, please give us a call (540) 388-4844 or email us at itsOK@breakit-fxbg.com