Wolfgang Malachy May Legacy Sponsorship

In honor of our beloved son, Wolfgang Malachy May, we would like to offer a legacy opportunity at Break It. Our doors have opened to a wide range of patrons coming to break things for several reasons, but it's been specifically those that came to us because of a lost loved one that has given us the strength to open our doors when we ourselves had bad days. Thank you for giving us a feeling of purpose and need, and as a gesture of our gratitude, we would like to give everyone a chance to have a place at Break It through a legacy sponsorship.


The Legacy Sponsorship gives the chance for anyone to commemorate a loved one for a lifetime at Break It. Click the button below for a list of available options. 20% of the proceeds will go towards local organizations that help families cope with the loss of loved ones--to see which organization we choose, follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.

In addition to the sponsorships, we will also dedicate a page on our website in honor of the person (optional).

Our son, Malachy was a charismatic kid—he could light up a room with his smile and in honor of him, we will be the first to participate in the Legacy Sponsorship by lightening up our bland walls with his name on a brick, to learn more about Malachy click on his legacy page below.

If you would like to partake, please contact us by phone (540-388-4844) or by email (itsOK@breakit-fxbg.com).

Thank you again for your patronage, and for giving us a purpose to help others that have experience similar loss in their lives. There will never be enough words to heal the pain of losing someone but finding a way for their memory to carry-on gives us strength.