Photos and Videos

Break It offers a unique experience and most people won't believe it unless they see it.  Don't stress about it and please don't take the risk in breaking your phone or camera trying to record yourself.  We offer a variety of options to capture your memorable moment through use of our cameras and surveillance footage.  You can see examples of our photos and videos in the Media section.  Options for photos and videos along with other cool services are listed in the "add-ons" section under "About Us."

Viewing Window

If you arrive with family or friends and they are not breaking things with you, they can watch you through our viewing windows.

inside window.jpg


outside window.jpg


Media Release

We would love to show off your pictures and videos on our social media and website. We just need your autograph on our media release form (provided to you at check-in).  The form is optional and not required to participate.